C6 Corvette ULTRA BRIGHT LED HIGH BEAM Kit- Set of 2 bulbs
C6 Corvette ULTRA BRIGHT LED HIGH BEAM Kit- Set of 2 bulbs

C6 Corvette ULTRA BRIGHT LED HIGH BEAM Kit- Set of 2 bulbs

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Until now, LEDS were useless as high beams. They simply lacked the power to serve such a critical function as a  high beam. You may have tried a HID kit, but they take too long to warm up for a high beam bulb. Installation is also a mess with the wiring and ballasts.

 JWM has been working with manufacturers for months to bring our customers a led bulb that is brighter than HID kits! That time is NOW!

We would like to introduce you to our new ULTRA BRIGHT LED Series Bulbs!


  •  (6) Ultra Bright CSP LED Chips  on each bulb. Don't be fooled by their size, these little suckers pack a punch! They are strategically placed to maximize the efficiency of the high beam system of the C6.
  • A rear fan on each bulb to keep heat off of the bulb and into the engine bay where it belongs. You can hear it sucking that heat away from the bulb! Housings will be cool to the touch after hours of use. This prolongs your lens housings which saves $$.
  • 8,000 lumens! For comparison, most 55 watt halogen systems put out around 1,000.
  • High quality aluminum body. 55,000 rated hour lifespan.
  • Pure white light that compliments the oem low beams. Instant on technology. No warm up times as with HID kits!
  • No ballast or external driver! 100% plug n play operation.
  • JWM tested and approved! This system was tested by JWM, and an outside source in an actual C6 prior to offering to our customers.
  • Complete downloaded instruction guide sent with your order. These will be attached to your order invoice at the bottom.
  • Temp is close to 6000k

Radio Interference

Please be aware that if you use your AM/FM radio, you may experience interference when running this kit. It appears to be random, some cars experience it while others do not. None of the other audio modes (satellite radio, bluetooth streaming, CD etc.) will experience this issue. Our 30 day return policy will cover the return of the product if you experience this issue. Highs are rarely used for a long period of time, so it should be a non-issue for most.


When installing these as high beams the cover on the rear of the bulb must be left off for installation. We don't foresee any issues with doing so. It is necessary due to the size of the bulb, and to allow the rear fan to do its job.


Notice how much brighter these are than the OEM highs. They also light up instantly unlike the HID kits that must warm up.



While we're confident that you'll never have a problem with this kit, we offer the best warranty in the industry should a problem arise.

Each bulb is under a 3 year limited warranty from JWM.  Contact us via email for any warranty claims.

100% satisfaction guaranteed even if installed! All we ask is the kit be sent back with no damage.

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